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Kathrein is one of the key technological leaders in the telecommunications technology sector

Kathrein is a world wide organization with the Head Office and factories located in Germany. The main function of Kathrein is the manufacture and distribution of professional products in the communications field.

Kathrein Africa represents the English speaking countries on the African Continent.The Kathrein product and systems portfolio includes Mobile Communication Antennas, Filters, Combiners and Amplifiers as well as Satellite and Terrestrial Reception Systems, Broadband Communication Systems and Broadcast Antenna Systems.

Quality Network Product Solutions

Kathrein Africa provides product solutions and accessories required for a quality passive RF network. The solutions cover the full Kathrein product portfolio for mobile communication antennas, filters and combiners, DTMA’s, the RET System - and RF System components. The Kathrein products are complemented by a range of high quality RF feeder cables, connectors and surge arrestors.
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Network Design and Optimisation

Kathrein Africa has a team of highly qualified RF engineers with decades of experience in designing and optimizing RF networks in Africa. The team has tackled every possible obstacle and conundrum faced by RF engineers today and our specialised consultants are able to discuss, review and assess network KPI’s and measurements to identify the best product and technical solutions to meet your network requirements.
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RF Measurement Equipment

In support of antenna azimuth alignment and the configuration of antenna line devices, Kathrein offers the sophisticated Kathrein GPS Alignment Tool and the Antenna Line Configurator.

In addition, Kathrein Africa supplies a range of quality RF measurement equipment necessary to ensure the quality of your RF network is maintained at its highest standard.
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Indoor DAS Design, Product and Turnkey Solutions

With the growth in data demand there is a growing need to provide high quality in-building networks. Kathrein Africa has a team of IBWave certified engineers who are experts at designing complex indoor RF networks covering passive RF, Active RF and Hybrid networks.

For Passive / hybrid DAS projects, Kathrein Africa provides a full range of high quality indoor antennas and splitters/tappers as well as full turnkey end-to-end solutions.
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Indoor Repeater Solutions

Kathrein Africa supplies indoor network repeaters ideal for the home or small office environment to address those critical customer complaints faced by mobile operator customer care centres.

The typical coverage area for such an in-door coverage solution is up to 500 m2 floor space. This repeater is very easy to install, utilizing a simple plug-and-play set for instant results on improved indoor coverage.
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Indoor Capacity Solutions - KBOW

Launch: 1st Quarter 2016

KBOW is a Micro C-RAN System which makes use of a centralised base station pool. It transforms an indoor mobile communication environment into a vendor agnostic and flexible multi operator, multi band and multi-standard network.

Kathrein Africa, through its local partners in Africa, provides full turnkey end-to-end solutions with KBOW.
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